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We sell a limited amount of bred and open does every year. We love working with land owners to help them enhance the quality of genetics on their ranches. Give us a call today to ask about availability for the 2019 breeding season.
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BIg Rack Ranch - Does for Sale
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Big Rack Ranch Whitetail Pedigree
Does for Sale



Line: Kid Dynamite x BRR Black 208

Price: $0
    Max 8026
  Kid Dynamite  
  48771   Dreambuck
    Blue 510 (Dam to Max Dream, Kid Dynamite, Dreambo & ATM) 4798
    51534 214
Does for Sale     65066
    Easy Money
    Easy Does It 18128
    72881 Texas Queen
  BRR Black 208   38303
  119244   Highroller
    Topsy 2793
    22893 214