Big Rack Ranch Trophy Whitetails
Big Rack Ranch - Specializing in Big Whitetail Typicals
The Big Rack Ranch is located less than an hour east of Dallas, Texas. The ranch encompasses approximately 2,000 acres, and was originally purchased from Robert Williams (RW Trophy Ranch) in 1994 with an existing breeding program in place.

Our foundation genetics are centered around four main doe lines in Texas:

Red 55 – Monarch’s Dam

Yankee Doodle Dandy – Bambi 727’s Dam

Blue 510, 214 & Purple 914 – Kid Dynamite’s Dam, Grand Dam & Great Grand Dam respectively

89 Blue (Lucian’s Doe) – Bambi Splitear’s Dam

We put a lot of emphasis into breeding large typicals with “the look”. We have assembled a group of top of the line does out of some of the industry’s biggest typicals and breed them back to bucks that are known to produce.
Big Rack Ranch Whitetail Breeder Bucks
Breeder Bucks
Our whitetail breeder bucks are comprised of some of the best whitetail genetics in the industry. They consisitently produce outstanding offspring that grow and produce big antlers.
Big Rack Ranch Whitetail Breeder Bucks
AI Sires
In efforts to improve our whitetail breeding program, we have acquired semen from the industry's best AI Sires. Combining their genetics with our strong genetics have produced superior whitetails.
Big Rack Ranch Whitetail Breeder Bucks
Foundation Genetics
The base of our success, the foundation genetics found within our herd were intensively studied to determine the best foundation for our whitetail breeding program. The proof is in our success.
Big Rack Ranch Whitetail Breeder Bucks
Trophy Whitetail Hunting
Texas trophy whitetail hunting is an experience that should be had by all. Our intensively managed Texas hunting ranch offers first-class challenging trophy whitetail hunts. Call today and book your hunt!